Tell me...What's your poison?

Tell me... What's your poison?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Busy busy busy busy busy!  OY!  That's life right now...or what is similar in representation to what I call a

As well as my 2 real world jobs I have been quite ill and will hopefully know quite soon what is wrong and how it can be fixed so please bear with me.  My shop will also be on vacation on the weekends through the first weekend in October because I work at the Michigan Renaissance Festival and take most of my items with me.  I know this can be confusing and frustrating and I do apologize for this but I don't want to accidentally sell the same one of a kind piece to 2 different people at the same time.  Personally I would find that significantly more frustrating myself.

With my illness I am doing my best to produce new items but it is making things a little more than a little difficult so please bear with me.  I'm sure I will be ok and back to normal soon it's just making life difficult for a bit.  I hope you can all understand.  Thankfully I have assitance with the shipping of items so if you do make a purchase I will more than likely have it in the mail the same or next day and I will notify you on an individual basis if that changes.

Thank you all so much for the shop love and don't forget to pass the word on my Facebook Fanpage so you can be enetered to win in the next giveaway over there!


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